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    There's people living in the neighboring barges, guilty of assorted compliments and charges; like the one-eyed cyclist who never wears any socks: he covers his mouth when he talks. His name is Rene, they say he's a communist, there's something about his demeanor that's ominous. Gord with his card tricks escaped from the row, his mouth is always in the shape of an "o". His brother is locked up and he awaits his release, he talks about politics and hates the police - linda doesn't have long to live probably, she's wicked and used to read palms for a hobby. She came to visit one night and just sat there, she laughed the whole night, her clothes covered in cat hair. Audrey wears two watches at one time, he's missing a thumb, and nobody knows why. He's not the best ventriloquist in the world, but he wants to be, he's an excellent dancer and smokes reefer constantly. Big fat Nigel works as a florist, he's openly gay and looks like a tourist. He's very polite, with a good sense of humor, he's heir to a fortune - or at least that's the rumor. Washed up and wounded, we are the recycled, earthy, sleazy and seaworthy.

  • brains0

    high five to who calls out the track first.

    • Seriously, I'll give you a high five, abbreviated as the hi V !brains
  • Jnr_Madison0

    Buck 65 - Riverbed 3

    • whoa I just discovered buck 65 on last.fm literally... an hour ago and loved one of the tracks.ismith