Life/Salary/Living in Buenos Aires

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  • Fabricio

    Hey there folks, how you all doing?

    I am here, wondering around... and thinking, you know what, maybe I should go back to South America, and start my life in Argentina!! Buenos Aires seems pretty cool and I might have one or two job offers there, plus, I dont need bullsh..t visa or anything to live there, since Im Brazilian.

    So... are there any qbn'ers from Buenos Aires? What would you say about cost of living/salary over there, can you make "ok" bucks to live nicely and all? And how is life there?

    Would be awesome to know these things!

    Take care!

  • chrisRG0

    Hey Fabricio,
    So you didn't get anything in London? I remember you saying you was going there, last week, right?

  • Fabricio0

    Hey Chris, cheers for asking mate,
    well, I was in London last week, and spoke to some folks, and friends. It seemed to me that the big thing at this point is freelancers, the studios are preferring them instead of full-time jobs and all... and for me that is a problem, since I need the sponsor you know?

    I havent completely discarded London from my plans yet, I am trying to find some quicker solution in meantime :(

  • chrisRG0

    Hope u really find a solution.. I'm moving to London in 3 months, so it's always good to hear people you might know are doing fine there.
    I'm in Sao Paulo right now, have u ever considered moving down here? Perhaps I'm leaving, things seems to be getting warmer around here next year.