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  • section_014

    Are any of the PHP people out here using frameworks like CakePHP or CodeIgniter?

    I was evaluating CMS's and all of them seemed real bloated or really lacking in features. So, I set out to make my own system...sorta. Which led me to frameworks.

    I've been experimenting with a framework built off of CodeIgniter called Kohana. So far, it seems like what the hell took me so long to use something like this.

    However, since you end up using the libraries built in to these frameworks, you don't use actual php functions and what not as much. So, for those that do use these, does the speed of frameworks outweigh and php rust that may build up by not using php functions and more procedural code?

  • vaxorcist0

    I've liked codeIgniter and/or Kohana the most... I haven't run benchmarks, but it did seem faster than cake in my simple tests.

    Also note that if a framework has easy hooks to a memcache or similar, speed may be much less of an issue.... unless you're doing a site with alot of CRUD updates constantly....

    I didn't like Symphony... maybe just me, but I found it kind of self-referencing, like getting lost in a small town with no map, you ask "where's the gas station" and people say "next to the drugstore" and you ask "where's the drugstore" and they say "next to the gas station you idiot!"

  • welded0

    CakePHP left a really bad impression on me, but when I eventually tried CodeIgniter I realized it wasn't that PHP frameworks were bad it was just Cake. Leave that shit alone! Maybe it's better now, 2 years later, but at the time it was really slow and very poorly documented assuming you wanted to do more than what was in their basic blog tutorial.

    I'm a big fan of CodeIgniter these days - it's a breeze to set up and get working, it's extremely flexible, the documentation is fantastic, and the forums are generally a good resource for help. Anecdotally it's faster than Cake, but I've seen some benchmarks that back that up. Hell, Rasmus Lerdorf, the guy who invented PHP, in a talk some time ago, although conceding that he doesn't like frameworks, recommended CodeIgniter over Cake, Drupal, and even Zend I believe.

  • jpea0

    I'd go CI over Cake, easily. It's a breeze to work in. Make a symlink or something though to a folder closer in depth to your assets/css folder and it'll be less frustrating always switching back and forth :)

    • sorry, meant between the system->application... folderjpea
  • mstocks0

    I concur with everyone else, CI is great. I have been using it for 3 years now. I have completely rewritten the database layer, but other than that everything is standard CI classes...

  • kulor0

    Codeigniter is superb and will get better and bigger once ExpressionEngine 2 is out in December...

  • vaxorcist0

    as Rasmus said, CI/Kohana is the most true to the spirit of PHP... others seem to be trying to duplicate the rocks on railroads badly....