Problematic Stakeholder

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  • tgqt

    Signs that you are dealing with a problematic stakeholder who will run you all over hell for no reason at all.


    Does not understand the use of Lorem Ipsum, and may even ask you why the copy is in a foreign language. Will never be able to look at a 'layout' and make general design direction comments without having the actual copy in place.

  • vaxorcist0


    Long, Long ago, when I was just out of art school.... I did have a "stakeholder" once demand that we "remove all those FPO typo-thingies on top of the images" so he could send it to his friend who worked at a print shop and was willing to stay after hours and print it for free as long as I would be willing to wait outside and make sure his friend's boss wouldn't catch him printing stuff.....

    I refused to do that... and uh, lost the client.. but his business partner wasn't as bad... eventually referred me some good business years later, apologizing for the antics of his former partner....