Junket or Learning?

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  • slappy

    Work says there is only budget for me to go on a junket OR a learning course.

    The junket is a tech-ed expo in a different state, flying business class, 5 star hotel and all meals and drinks inc for 4 nights.

    The learning is a 5 day microsoft sharepoint design course here in my city (classroom learning). We use sharepoint a fair bit here for intranet sites etc.

  • airey0

    junket. meet more peeps and more job ops. sharepoint you can learn but probably not in 5 days with a million other peeps.

    • although sharepoint is an app with very few designers skilled upairey
    • The sharepoint is an expensive course with a maximum of 8 places, might learn a bit? Already work on sharepoint though...slappy
  • slappy0

    Yeah Im thinking I can get work to pay for my sharepoint skills then I can ask for more money around the place. They are also looking at outsourcing the web dept here later this year too, maybe (office space style interviews) so maybe a good time to be picking up new accreditations?

    • Always a good time to learn new things. And its another skill to sell to your employer come review.ian