man in the cornershop

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  • trevedda

    A song by the Jam.

    Scary how life feels like the lyrics to this song most days.

    I think I could have been here too long.

  • TheBlueOne0

  • bolus0

    man in the corner

    Experience" by Charles Bukowski

    there is a lady down the hall who paints
    butterflies and insects
    and there are little statues in the room,
    she works with clay
    and I went in there
    and sat on the couch and had something to drink,
    then I noticed
    one of the statues had his back turned to us,
    he stood there brooding, poor bastard,
    and I asked the lady
    what's wrong with him?
    and she said, I messed him up,
    in the front, sort of.
    I see, I said, and finished my drink.
    we talked about Klee,
    the death of cummings,
    Art, survival and so forth.
    you ought to know more about men,
    I told her.
    I know, she said. do you like me?
    of course, I told her.
    she brought me another drink.
    we talked about Ezra Pound.
    Van Gogh.
    all those things.
    she sat down next to me.
    I remember she had a small white mustache.
    she told me I had a good life-flow
    and was manly.
    I told her she had nice legs.
    we talked about Mahler.
    I don't remember leaving.

    I saw her a week later
    and she asked me in.
    I fixed him, she said.
    who? I asked.
    my man in the corner, she told me.

    good, I said.
    want to see? she asked
    sure, I said.
    she walked around to the corner and turned
    him around.

    he was fixed, all right

    my god, it was ME!

    then I began to laugh and she laughed
    and the work of Art stood there,
    a very beautiful thing.