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  • spl33nidoru

    so I'm moving from NYC to Paris, I don't have that much stuff left here now, 4-5 boxes and i'd like to bring some equipment too, display/scanner.

    too much to carry with me but too little for movers.

    any shipping options out there that would fit my needs ? I'm not familiar with shipping big stuff, just don't want to have to buy everything again in France or pay more than it would cost to do so to have it shipped.

    thanks guys.

  • madirish0

    honestly, if they are under 75 pounds, pay the airline to take them with you.

    i have moved several places internationally, and in the end, this has always worked out on time/cost measure.

    otherwise, i really like FedEx Int'l Ground. it is a bit more, and depending on tarifs/VAT it can be too much, but great service.

  • spl33nidoru0

    yeah it's gonna be more than 75, it's books mostly..
    + i need new equipment and thought i'd just get it in the US and add that to the boxes if there was some small container option.

    the price difference is crazy here.

    i'll look into Fedex, might be worth it if i save enough on the equipment.

    more solutions welcome!