Thimon von Berlepsch

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  • Nairn0

    Lovely site and design, though the colours don't really shout 'magic' to me. Also, I don't get the section names - "The Encore"? "The Contact"? what do these things mean (in relation to prefacing with 'the', anyway)?

    Otherwise - very nice - I like the way you've handled the main Thimon graphic/animation - I'm secretly hoping the toad will change into something else in due course!

    He's a bit scary looking, isn't he? Or is that a pre-requisite for becoming a magician - that slight look of aspergic social confusion in the eyes and big chin?

  • blackjune

    Also magicians need a corporate design. Thimon von Berlepsch is a german magician who does stunning close up magic. We created a new logo and did the complete website realisation with some enchanting animations. Watch the showreel, this guy is unbelievable!