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  • valentim for me, I don't know a danm thing about me....screw you!

    I like...
    I like this shit, i set my hands on fire for this, if it treats me badly it´s cause i am wrong, if i am wrong i must´ve felt it. And I did, loved it too much, that´s my sign.
    Anthing salty and wet, yeah, the sea I mean, windsurf or simply the wind in your face. Women. I don't know a danm thing about me....screw you.

    By hats and other simple cultural items. Music is my areoplane. Furniture that works, not like those ones that don't, like David Carsons´ if he did actually designed any!
    In general? The Elements.

    I recommend:
    Jazz and group love.
    Does that reflect a personalitie?
    What does this text tells about the author?