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    Well, I am a recent grad...and have been sending out resumes everywhere.....and I just last friday a small agency hired me for for junior position. This gig is part-time and in about 3 months it will be fulltime (if I don't screw it up)
    I haven't signed anything with this guys yet, but I started yesterday already.

    and well, there's this other company and this guys really want me to work with them. Thy went from offering no pay (internship) for the first 2 months and turn the position into fulltime afterwards, to now offering me more than what they inteded to pay at first and start rigth away fulltime.
    This company is a cellphone company.

    Both the agency and the cellphone company are relatevely new compnaies but the agency seems to be a bit more stable.

    The atmosphere is very relaxed in both places, but of course in the agency I would be able to get more creative, but with less pay.

    What would you guys do?
    Should I for the $$ or the opportunity to work in a creative environment??