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    Can anyone help me with this?

    I´ve got an admin app. (a gallery for a photgrapher) programmed on asp, from there the administrator automatically generates a folder where the user (when is logged on the system) uploads files on it (jpeg´s)...

    And I´ve got an asp file who shows automatically the images on this folder, but this asp must be on the same folder than the images.

    And, i wanna know is... is there an script to generate automatically this file (the image showing asp file) on this folder when you generate the folder on the admin app.??

    Did anybody know about?

    * Sorry for my bad english

    Thanks in advance

  • moth0

    I'm sure there is.

    If you can create the folder from a script, after that command you should be able to copy the "image showing" file from one location to the other (your new folder).

    I've done as much in PHP, and I'm sure ASP will have file functions like this.


    Yeah... i´m sure too.
    I´m now searching it on asp forums (perhaps the first thing i´ve done).

    thnx moth