lggodesign: questionaire?

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  • chach0

    thanks guys
    i acknowledge both points.
    i was intending to use it as the 'ice breaker' as i have a client that's, let's say, not too savy.
    ...and of course i'll follow it up with a discussion. ;)


  • surfito0

    i used to work and an ad agency and they would hand me questionaires filled by the clients, and really, it never helped.

    things like whats your favourite colors and stuff, and choose which type of logo you like best dont work for the designer, might help a bit, but that doesnt work, you come out with crap.

    but, the good thing is that if you run into the type of client that calls you every two days with a new suggestion and changes and revisions and that changed his mind about the colors, and then at the en of the job he says he doesnt like it as an excuse to rip you off, well, you can tell himm you did exactly what he asked for i guess.

    so i got it somewere in my my stack of paper.