OSX screen brightness problem

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  • welded

    I monkeyed around with my colour settings and changed it from the factory default, color LCD, but now everything is over-bright. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the brightness settings themselves, but even adjusting them and/or setting the colour profile back to color LCD wont fix the problem. I made a dummy user account and it shifts back to where it should be.
    How can I put the colour settings back to factory new without reinstalling Panther?

    Hope somebody can help me, it's driving me nuts!


  • industry730

    that is really easy,
    1. go to your preference panel.
    2. click on display.
    3. go to the color tab
    4. select one of the pre-existing color profiles
    or do a calibrate. and adjust it accordingly to create your own profile

  • welded0

    Hm, my response didn't get posted... Wonder where THAT went...

    Anyway, thanks for the response. I gave it a shot but I can't get it to match. I just don't understand why putting it back to the default setting doesn't do the trick.