accountants gone mad

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  • Peter

    I've come to hate the lot of them. After a reorganization (accountant moving upstairs etc) my paycheck has looked different on every single month for a year.

    - No tax, -double tax, -late payment, 3-months late payment, -no payment etc. etc.

    It's like dealing with a freelance gig that's gone fantastically bad.

    This is suppose to be stable income, Wtf!

    Anyone ever came across this type of deal within a properly run company? What did you do?

  • sparker0

    wouldn't that be the failure of the payroll clerk or if the company is really small, the hr director?

    company/corporate accountants usually don't mess with payroll...they handle company finances, not overhead.

    at least in the places i've worked.

    why not just talk to your manager, man?

  • Peter0

    after that reorganization deal, she (hereby refered to as "the money lady) was left in charge of both payroll, expenses and whatnot. It wouldn't suprise me if she had to take on some of the other work too.

    I won't bother anyone else about it unless I havet to. So I bitch directly at her general direction. And whine about it here on NT.

    Just looking for some compassion, that's all :)