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  • valentim

    I like fish, but I am aware that some others not so much. In fact there is people that I know already tried sushi and they did not like it.
    It happens that I can talk the talk and do a very good walk. And that is without even blink.
    The route starts here, and God knows where it stops, but there is much to say about who knows what!

    I believe in the strength of wanting something so bad. I believe in God but not in sunday church. Sure I have sins to confess, but so do you.
    I believe in failing, that is what makes me wanting to be a better man.
    I believe in love but not so much in my girlfriend (women are dodgy).
    Rock and Roll rules, and so does cocaine but I do not believe in it.
    There is something that l like, a good french hat. A hat that makes you look cool if you wear ir properly or like a twat if you turn it back to front. There is something else that I am good about, taking a purpose and make it a joy to watch!