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      Graphic designer, typographer, photographer and amateur pole bean cultivator. Even though the family was quite concerned, he was as a two and a half year old boy, more interested into newspaper headlines and signs in hospital waiting rooms, than walking and picking his nose, much more suited for a boy of his age. It was around that time that his first typeface with 25 characters was created. It was drawn in the air with his fingers and did not remain on that medium for a very long time. Two months later, his second typeface made of crayons remained on the table until lunchtime. With his third typeface, made of potato dumplings, he poisoned himself in kindergarden at age of three. From that time on, he was taken care of by his grandmother, uncle, German shepherd Rina and a flock of white hens. When four he used one of them as a house pony and broke its wing. He never forgot that chicken stew. He is a vegetarian and his work are often reminiscent of those white hens..

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