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  • Nairn2

    What in the living fuck is this?

    • Actually.. I reacted to the first 20 seconds or so. It might not be awful.

      But still. *grumbles in old.
    • Terry Gilliam?_niko
    • Kinda wish I'd not seen that.webazoot
    • Haha, i'd still watch this and I'm probably older than you Nairn!Ianbolton
    • oh jeezuz god no fuck off hollywood and stop crapping on everythinghans_glib
    • No midgets or dwarves, I am disappoint. :)doublespaced
    • This was one of my favorites growing up. I kinda feel like this might not be total shit. I hope it isn’t.doublespaced
    • Just don't touch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Although, do, because that's someone else's story anyway.Nairn
    • As much as it might make me grimace, i think i've come to terms with movie-revisionism - shit's forty years old, why not re-tell it?Nairn
    • Good stories are meant to be re-told.Nairn
    • Rewatched the film a couple of months back, what really made it (as well as the amazing cast) was its fantasty represented in a real and mundane looking way.webazoot
    • This all just looks so glossy and fake from the go.webazoot
    • I remember as 80s kid being both amazed and kinda scared of Time Bandits as it intense and 80s weird, it was greatprophetone

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