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  • neverscared1

    • likely a little less skurril than napoleon...neverscared
    • for a rap song over the trailer, as for the movie will wait for the torrentGardener
    • The Bad Boys 7 Travis Scott trying to sound badass but actually is so cheese it completely ruins the epic period piece vibe generic rap song = noprophetone
    • lol all the YouTube comments are focused on “OK guys the trailer is edited let’s call Hans Zimmer... wait hold up, let’s call Jay-Z”prophetone
    • @gardener - that 'song' really jarred with me too, wtf's it doing here?Nairn
    • Also:
      like gag me with a spoon just start the trailer why do we need this nonsense
    • will watch of course because I do like Paul Mescal and DenziRamanisky2
    • There was a trailer on here recently that had a mini-trailer for the trailer, at the beginning. Wtf is happening to our attention spans?Nairn
    • I dobt care, I'll go watch thisNBQ00
    • It's still better than 90% of what's in cinema currently and in past years in terms of mainstream movies.NBQ00
    • My man - Epictetusdibec
    • denzel plays the robin hood of rome
      ? confusing the rhino with the dust ... classic..
    • I'm in, but that hip-hop track in the trailer does not go well with thisYakuZoku
    • The Romans listened to Hip-Hop.NBQ00
    • danzel doesn't do good movies anymore. just make as much money till retirement.pango
    • pango are you grafician?NBQ00
    • Gladiator 1's release date is closer to Blade Runner's than this. And it will be shit.MrT
    • @NBQ

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