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  • yuekit12

    Federal police investigators have claimed that a criminal group, allegedly involving Brazil’s former president Jair Bolsonaro, tried to illegally siphon off and sell luxury gifts from foreign leaders worth at least $1.2m. If Bolsonaro is charged and convicted, those alleged crimes could reportedly land him in jail for a total of 25 years.…

    • Good_niko
    • Lock him up!nbq
    • Do Trump next...whatthefunk
    • 1.2mill? Is that about 4 luxury gifts in total?mort_
    • Burn him alive!milfhunter
    • 1.2 m is chump change compared to Lula's Petrobras corruption and money laundering. the left LOVE to persecute politically and want to see him in jailhotroddy
    • Throwing your political opponents in jail is how the south American (and now American) left like to roll.hotroddy
    • It's a witch-hunt!utopian
    • Hey but Elon likes this guyNBQ00
    • to jail, fucken nazi.maquito
    • he had it coming a long time... he is a stinker evidently...neverscared
    • Hang 'em!YakuZoku
    • this notion 'the left' is all about 'jailing opponents' is honestly pretty juvenile.exador1
    • ask anyone that is politically aware and liberal, and they'll tell you point blank they just want to see 'fair play' across the board.exador1
    • no one being above the law. period. end of story.exador1
    • if the law applies to regular folks, it has to equally apply to everyone else too.exador1
    • The right needs to be jailed periodSocialJusticeWarrior
    • ^ lol SJW nice
      certified by bobo of course
    • Gavin Newsom admitted that the only reason Donald Trump was prosecuted was because he was a president.hotroddy
    • So, your claim that "the law applies equally" is invalid according to Newsomehotroddy
    • right, left , bottom, top it doesnt matter...he is clearly a criminal thats why he deserves jail...C'est la vieneverscared
    • ohh yes and talking about gavin newsom on trumpo loco...… lolneverscared
    • +1000 neveracaredmaquito
    • Dumbo: throwing criminals to jail is how normal people like to roll.maquito
    • true .. he is not only a criminal but trump was also an beyond underperforming president.. when u listen to the numbers newsom is rapping about...same for bolsoneverscared
    • i believe the nitwits were saying brazil was going to lose their 'democracy' if 'fascist' bolsanero won. lolzhotroddy
    • lolz ya good to see democracy still alive when people are being held accountable.pango

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