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  • Ramanisky25

    • wowmonospaced
    • Timestampnb
    • 'rules for thee, but not for me...'
    • caps lock broken or what?SimonFFM
    • He thinks it's his bucket list and he's just got one more to go ...Bluejam
    • Theocratic dictatorship coming right up, sirIanbolton
    • Ah yes, THAT is what America needs more of - religion. Thank you, Abu TrumpNairn
    • He’ll say anything at all for a rating boost.mort_
    • Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV ...fuck the rest...neverscared
    • Pretty sure the new testament said no one can live up to the 10 Rules, instead just "do unto others..." and you'll be cool.robthelad
    • Says the guy who broke just about every commandment.utopian
    • Accusing him of having broken the commandments is useless. Christians believe that everyone breaks them and asks for forgivenessnb
    • @Bluejam winsideaist
    • I'm sure i saw some Jeff Epstien island photos of Trump posing next to the 10 commandments and some klds. So poignantIanbolton
    • I am with him about bringing TTC back though - Batards Sensibles was a great albumNairn
    • Da 10 Cs!nb
    • Fuck, it's like he's kneeling (or bending over) for pathetic votes. Anyone that listens/buys this pathetic lie is total scum.formed

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