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    • +1 for having california as your ideal example for socialism. the state that resembles a dumpster firehotroddy
    • It’s even cheaper if you cut sugar out of your diet and eat zero processed foods.shapesalad
    • exactly. somehow California can't stop pumping sugar into kids with soda drinks in school. but good for them fighting the insulin war.hotroddy
    • The last time I checked, sugar was an addictive drug pumped into the communities by corporations and their shareholders...its called capitalism!utopian
    • Research on rats has found that sugar is more addictive than opioid drugs such as cocaine.
    • Hotknobby you're one dumb and ignorant fuckwad of a subhuman. Stop watching Newsmax & Fox News for your facts.utopian
    • I agree sugar is addictive and unhealthy. But corporations should be free to use sugar in their products. After all, sugar is fine in small doses.hotroddy
    • Now that California is in the insulin business, they have less incentive to curb sugar in public schools.hotroddy
    • California can pass a law to ban tobacco sales to those born after a certain year but can't do anything about sugar use?hotroddy
    • stop calling me ignorant if you are going to preface it with statements like, "opioid drugs such as cocaine"hotroddy
    • So is intelligence, morality and ethics apparently_niko
    • Wow shapesalad and hotroddy just cured type 1 diabetes!dmay
    • the word is 'prevent' not 'cure'hotroddy
    • You can't prevent type 1 daibetes, dumbass! Learn before you say stupid thingsdmay
    • Type 1 diabetes is insulin dependent and as nothing to do with diet, it's an autoimmune condition.dmay
    • which type of diabetes affects the greatest % of popula'n? which preventive measures could have sweeping effects in the overall health of American population?hotroddy
    • ^ that's the diabetes in questionhotroddy
    • 1.4 million in America, 64,000 each year, is that enough?dmay
    • well, I was talking about the 36 million. Do you have type 1?hotroddy
    • I get the point. I empathize if you have type 1 and the medicine should be accessible and it's ridiculous the prices of insulin.hotroddy
    • **I empathize with anyone who has...hotroddy
    • My oldest daughter has it, and luckily I live in a "socialist" country where insulin, insulin pumps and glucose sensors are subsidized by the statedmay
    • You are fortunate in that regard. Hopefully, California can make it work. But paying for the costs for those eating/living unhealthy is a little much.hotroddy
    • and the high prices can be used as a deterrent for making poor choices.hotroddy

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