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  • shapesalad0

    Apps > Utilities :

    • Digital Colour Meter.

    Press Apple+L to lock.

    Useful tool for grabbing a colour from anywhere on your screen.

    • Screenshot

    This app gives you a GUI for the usual screenshot short cuts we all know, eg Apple+shift+Ctrl+4 (which copies screen shot and rather than saves out a file)

    You can reorganise them menubar docked icons at the top right of your screen by holding down Apple while dragging the icons around.

    • TextEdit app - set new docs to plain text in prefs. Use it as a place to paste text, then copy and paste it into After Effects, Illustrator etc - Doing so removes the formatting from a website/doc that messes up things when pasted into design softwares.

    • I should proof read... but you get the idea.shapesalad
    • I do this for lots of things for apps where the mega combo "paste and match style" isn't available.evilpeacock

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