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  • utopian7

    • I spent all weekend learning and experimenting on how to apply my own art with prompts, combining images, styles, etc...utopian
    • Liking the shapes, do you reckon you'd implement the ideas into a wall painting?PhanLo
    • That's plan...I'm really hoping to paint a couple murals this upcoming spring and summer.utopian
    • Bonus! Look forward to seeing them :-)PhanLo
    • These are dope Utopian.Ramanisky2
    • Awesome!Krassy
    • Love these can you show how finished your initial inputed art is? Is it line work? Pencil? Rough shapes, colors in photoshop?_niko
    • @ niko: a combination of line drawings, full blown colored black book pieces and a some actual photos of my murals that I painted in the 80's and 90s.utopian
    • ^ very cool!Krassy

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