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  • _niko5

    In ancient Egypt they would circumcise young men just before hitting adulthood

    • How barbaric!palimpsest
    • “Doin’ a good job there, sport”
      *pats head*
    • it's an alien tradition. You can't stand going through wormholes with foreskin.Beeswax
    • Don’t let Son see thisGnash
    • LOLpalimpsest
    • I used to be circumcised. It was awfulcrazyprick
    • huh, how odd for me - i was listening to a podcast just last night mentioning a mummified boy about 14, who hadn't been snipped yet.Nairn
    • I don't read hieroglyphics... but I guess a snake symbol = cock?shapesalad
    • ^ Oh, was that the one that they recently 'unwrapped' digitally?Continuity
    • This kid: https://www.theguard…Continuity
    • Yup, the Golden Boy, or something?Nairn
    • Well, on the subject of his foreskin status, from the article above: 'Commenting on the study, Prof Salima Ikram, head of Egyptology at the American UniversityContinuity
    • said: “The lack of circumcision is interesting as it might tell us something about his ethnicity – Egyptians tended to be circumcised generally before the ageContinuity
    • of 13.”'Continuity
    • 'Ikram, who was not involved in the study, added: “It might suggest that foreigners adopted Egyptian burial practices – and we know the Persians did.Continuity
    • “He could have come from any number of places. He could be Nubian, Greek, Persian, anywhere from Asia Minor where they weren’t circumcised.'Continuity
    • https://www.youtube.…shapesalad
    • people of color doing what to the white man?Krassy

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