Vaccination Passports!

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    Message from a conspiracy nut buddy:

    [link to Biznews article]
    I rest my case. This is based on official UK data. It’s all coming out. You know I tried so hard to warn all of my friends. I got so much abuse. There is so much data coming out now including Pfizer’s own data and still not one person has reached out said “hey Grandt you may have been right all along”. Let alone apologise.

    They really think it's all exploded and everone knows they were right! jeeeezaazz!!!

    • Vaccine passports didn't make a difference and where highly immoral.Chimp
    • Barcelona introduced them while Madrid didn't and the deaths were similar. Madrid also didn't lock down apart from 2 months in 2020.Chimp
    • They're literally admitted the vaccines do nothing and more people have died suddenly of unknown causes in the last year than the past 10 combined...Hench
    • ... and you dumb fucks are still ridiculing your intelligent friends that tried to warn you. The fluoride really worked wonders. Unbelievable.Hench
    • ^ credible source?Projectile
    • Pfizer just admitted they didn't test for transmission. Majority vaccinated are dying.. How are you people so fucked?Hench

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