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  • jagara12

    People who have a problem with people liking milk chocolate. Go eat your bitter-ass 97% cacao charcoal dust bar.

    More actual chocolate for me.

    • Milk chocolate is tightcrazyprick
    • milk chocolate any dayutopian
    • Milk chocolate FTWjagara
    • Unpopular opinion:
      I'm also a fan of white chocolate.
      Fight me.
    • That’s some meta level punching right here. Well I like all the sorts of chocolate. Is that okay?islandbridge
    • i'm going hard on those milka bars.milfhunter
    • flol at "more actual chocolate". milk chocolate is less actual chocolate, but whatever. (says the caramac fan.)hans_glib
    • More sugar for you - is what you are saying.shapesalad
    • White chocolate preference is underground code for 'white supremacy'. Saying your nick name is the 'milky bar kid' opens the hidden door.shapesalad
    • 90% Lindt. Once you go 90, you never go back. I buy mostly chocolate. You buy mostly chocolate flavoured sugar.shapesalad
    • 90% lindt, melt gentely. Add butter and double cream = perfect nutritional meal.shapesalad
    • Milk chocolate is for babies. Hee heeeNBQ00
    • I only eat 150% cadbury’s, melted gently with beef tallow. Trust me, i’m an expert at nutritionscarabin
    • Mute point, personal prefer Wagyu Beef Dripping, Aldi have it in for £2.shapesalad

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