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  • palimpsest3

    What are the international law conventions regarding my new status as non-human? Does Qatar respect these laws?

    Have taxonomists come up with a name for our new species?

    Since we can now be owned are owned by an individual or by a group?

    • If have offspring with a non vaccinated human what is their legal status?palimpsest
    • If my new species doesn't have a name or definition am I like Tom Hanks in The Terminal?palimpsest
    • Can a non-human say the n-word without any consequences?crazyprick
    • my owner will not permit to answerhans_glib
    • Do you still have to pay full price on public transport?Chimp
    • If a non vaccinated human has you on a leash you ride for free.palimpsest
    • And that person doesn't even have to prove they own you.palimpsest
    • I guess they'll be able to tell the difference between humans and non-humans by scabybing the chip. A DNA test would be too costly.palimpsest
    • I got my 4th vaccine last week, guessing I lost a few more bars on my humanity meterJrdntnnr
    • Good observation. Is someone with 4 jabs further from a human or do you need the jabs to maintain your non human status?palimpsest
    • Plot twist: Covid jabs make us non-human, sure. But they actually make us *super*-human!Continuity
    • Now I can't wait to get my 4th. Does it give out powers at random? Can I pick it? Is there a set master list of superpowers to choose from?Continuity
    • A level 4 human.palimpsest
    • What if you didn't have mRNA-based jabs? Are you still a fucking idiot human, or are you a fucking idiot non-human™?Nairn
    • After injecting the Pfizer vaccine, Aaron masturbates for 10 to 12 hourscrazyprick

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