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  • grafician-4
    • FYI @monospaced, no, we don't do the "largest and elaborate booths at mobile world congress" buddy :))))grafician
    • I said some of them. The one I’m workin on now is right next to the main GSMA stage. It’s nearly 300sq meters.monospaced
    • You really don't get it, do you?grafician
    • I guess not.monospaced
    • lol. I don't get 98% of what's discussed on this site.dopepope
    • Talking of not really getting it...Nairn
    • I guess I’m not.monospaced
    • Not you!Nairn
    • Nairn you really don't get it eithergrafician
    • I think I get the purpose of the thread I created. My apologies if I'm wrong...

      You fucking moron.
    • This was about monospaced's arrogant comments - told you you didn't get it either

      you accuse me of things, but not monospaced?
    • Fucking hypocritesgrafician
    • It's ok if you don't get it™Nairn
    • grafician calling someone out for being arrogant *and* a hypocrite. Apparently sans irony. Just about the most hilarious thing I've read.Continuity
    • Not my problem you guys have problemsgrafician
    • you fucking twat, you insulted me directly making a fucktard assumption about my work, and when I corrected your ignorant ass, you called me arrogantmonospaced
    • I love how this eastern euro app UI designer (buttons ffs) feels like he's in a position to look down on us. You'd be a junior at BEST here.monospaced
    • I've seen your work. And I can stand by my original comment: based on what I see, you have no right to critique my work ever again.monospaced

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