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  • neverscared7

    • https://www.theguard…neverscared
    • It seems to be happening more frequently these days.Chimp
    • what seems to be happening more frequently?scruffics
    • Lifeguard was a snowflakeshapesalad
    • ya man. it's just water. so triggered! pfffffpango
    • read the article. says fainting in pool has happened to her before on multiple occasions. Maybe time to switch job?microkorg
    • Fainting and swimming don't seem to be a good match for her.Chimp
    • sounded like Chimp was talking about something elsescruffics
    • I've read a few news articles about athletes fainting. It seems like it's more common. But perhaps not.Chimp
    • Right.scruffics
    • Fainting prob common for atheletes as they are hyped, ready to perform, blood pumping, nerves, dehydrated.microkorg
    • But pango does get worked up at the slightest thing. Not sure why.Chimp
    • any statistics to back that up that its happening more often ...or only chimps paranoia ..neverscared
    • show us that articles that athletes have more troubles..... before saying such esoteric quack quackneverscared
    • Probably my paranoia ;)Chimp
    • https://dpbh.nv.gov/…Chimp
    • https://edition.cnn.…Chimp
    • https://spectator.co…Chimp
    • And you do Reuters has close ties to Pfizer?Chimp
    • jesus u cant be that dumb.. u have to show the relation that its happening more often than before in numbers... not single cases...neverscared
    • line up the years from 2000 to 2022 to c an increase otherwise its useless. mumble jumble...neverscared
    • i guess u are trying to discredit reuters because of https://www.reuters.…neverscared
    • very anti-scientific bro....neverscared
    • in this case u have to show numbers that swimmers are fainting in a pool.....neverscared
    • Do you really believe Reuters, that has links to Pfizer, will tell you the truth about vaccines that it's funders make? How naive.Chimp
    • It must be nice in your make believe world where massive corporations have your best interests at heart.Chimp
    • Remember when you would be "fact checked" for saying the virus came from the lab?Chimp
    • Remember when you had to stay inside but then as soon as BLM happened it was ok to go out in crowds?Chimp
      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    • little offtopic there... but thats reasonable.. moving from indoor do indoor...also spinning this towards covid vacccine issues is as desperate and dumb as itneverscared
    • gets ..very different than outdoor.. when the virus itself attacks the lungs and resparitory system the underexposed brains trying to spin it against theneverscared
    • vaccine... moving from a special case of athletes fainting to a lab conspiracy to blm event.... lol...neverscared
    • still if u show me the compared data streams i would be very thankful... otherwise keep your paranoia to yourself.neverscared
    • The science says the mRNA vaccines didn't lower all case mortality. But keep believing the big pharma propaganda.Chimp
    • There is nothing paranoid about questioning the effectiveness of an experimental vaccine and news sources that are linked to the creators of said vaccine.Chimp
    • It's just common sense.Chimp
    • the little girl in the pool and big pharma propaganda... delusion how this it work...chimp is the prototype.neverscared
    • doesneverscared
    • according to causal relationship reuters is responsible for the athlete fainting in the pool... good work sherlock.neverscared
    • @never what are you talking about? It's sensible to be wary about a pharmaceutical that has had many criminal charges and had influence over the media.Chimp
    • Would you not question this company?
      "Pfizer drug breach ends in biggest US crime fine" https://www.theguard…
    • https://www.theguard…Chimp
    • Great picGnash
    • LOL did someone trigger chimp into vaccine conspiracy rant? seems like a completely irrelevant subject.pango
    • Chimp needs his voice to be heard.ShenanigansTV
    • Lol looks like woke Pango is here to set the story straight.Chimp
    • here's another note! cheers,sarahfailin
    • yes woke should be a title. y'all should address me as Woke Pango.pango
    • failed to do so will result in your cancellation.pango
    • What’s your pronouns? She/cunt/it?Chimp
    • It's Cunt with an upper case C. Get it right!pango
    • this discriminates against people without a shift key or caps lockChimp
    • Fuck em. I bet they're bunch of little bitchespango

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