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  • GuyFawkes4

    • what would arm kankles be called?
    • Deuxfuturefood
    • body shaming... *slow applause*Khurram
    • Let's see your pic, fatty. lolKhurram
    • GuyFawkes so fat, his high school photograph as wan aerial picture! How fat is he???Khurram
    • He so fat, his momma fed him with a slingshot!Khurram
    • I run twice a day & surf about 12 hours a week & you forgot I'm in martial arts as wellGuyFawkes
    • Ain't nothing wrong with body shaming, unhealthy people are a burdenGuyFawkes
    • Especially pr2, he does shit for his own health yet runs his mouth on how we should handle our own health, fuck that pussyGuyFawkes
    • I think his wife's arms are bigger than his I wonder if he asked her to open up pickle jars for himGuyFawkes
    • I think those are called "wrist bones"sarahfailin
    • who datbabydick
    • I don't care about the looks, I'm all about the cunty ideas in someone's head.babydick
    • I have no problem ridiculing each other on here as long as it’s ridiculing each other’s “personas” but attacking the physical appearance of someone is too_niko
    • ...Personal and crosses the line I think. I’m sure it’s just breaking balls and taking the piss but still..._niko
    • Unless of course it was posted on qbn mugs, then it’s open season! Lol_niko
    • Yeah right. Internet brag. Show your pics or shut the fuck up.Khurram
    • I posted a video bitch lol
      I'm moldero you fucknut
    • I'm the guy that goes commercial salmon fishing for funGuyFawkes
    • Thought you knew niggaGuyFawkes
    • @niko, I agree but in this case pr2s only purpose is to troll QBN with his "only idiot unhealthy people vax" bullshit, just calling his ass outGuyFawkes
    • All g ladies, GayFawkes has the n-word pass from mebabydick
    • Yeah, say that to my face and see what happens.Khurram
    • which part? bitch or fucknut?
      you said 'post a pic or stfu'
      i responded in the same "respectful" tone, you need to check yo-self cuz we're on the same side.
    • you're going to talk down to people and expect respect? that's not how it works tough guy.GuyFawkes
    • that's what they call "bullying" which is what you were initially calling me out for before you even knew the context.GuyFawkes
    • when picking a fight on the internet, do some research first.GuyFawkes
    • I'm walking away in peace w/ you bro.
      I'm leaving it up to you on where we stand.
    • GF, I've seen your posting recently and you show consistent behaviour of bullying unpopular members on this forum, which says more about you than them.Khurram
    • And besides, pr2 is a passionate supporter of the Palestinian cause. And for that, he is forever my homeboy :PKhurram
    • Peace out xKhurram
    • if your referring to my constant posting on Graf, graf is Yuri dude, I fuckin love that guy, always have because I get his sense of humor and hes a great contriGuyFawkes
    • I guess the problem with side notes here is its hard to gauge jokes n shit since you dont hear tonesGuyFawkes
    • and ive been pro-Palestinian as well, read the Israel bombing shit thread, the thing with pr2 is he's extremely disrespectful, you might see eye to eye with hiGuyFawkes
    • on some shit, but he's not very well liked here for the reason that he just talks down to people hereGuyFawkes
    • so defending a disrespectful asshole might be an unnecessary uphill battle for youGuyFawkes
    • I have asshole friends, but i wont defend them for being one.GuyFawkes
    • OKKhurram

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