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  • grafician-9

    ^ but don't overthink it, this decade is all about quick & dirty

    naming: fuck calling it it merryl lync or jpeee morgan, let's go with cash app! bing!

    colors: all ol' banks going with blue-ish, let's go with orange, neon yellow, green

    naming again: ford? sounds like a car. Tesla? sounds like the future, gimme that stock

    illustration: flat style little heads with big feet? fuck that, let's go 3D for the next 3 years, then we'll see

    fonts: too much sans, let's shoot some serifs, cool, make it profi, make it corporate-profi a bit, 72pts headlines on desktop yeah baby

    websites: listing cards with content?! fuck that, let's go with AR and video, cool, some VC called he wants to invest 10 mili in this

    and so on and so forth

    Explaining design?! Bruh we're in the decade when everybody admits nobody knows what he's doing

    • but keep grids, grids are always good no matter the decadegrafician

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