Explaining Design Decisions / Rationale

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    100% depends on the client, charisma and the do some bullshit based on your decades experience works in the SMB spectrum, but at the second there are more than 2 departments involved in the project (finance and marketing is perfectly enough) you can flush your charisma down the toilet.

    Everything moves to a whole new level and the results, product you're going to generate requires much more support. To get this you have to document every aspect of the development, and test the results.

    These tests can vary from low-end online usertesting (u register they give you recorded sessions of the user on the given subject) to proper group testing what usually happens irl.

    But at the end you're the one who has to pull the conclusions to support your decisions. Most of it can be described by design best practices and comparing AB testing results is a perfect way to fill the blanks.

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