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  • mort_5

    “why the button was placed at a certain area of the page, why a layout was designed a certain way from a business standpoint.”

    The initial rationale for decisions like that are usually based on very generalised design best practices. However A/B testing, multi-variate testing, session replay, heat maps etc. more often than not show where tweaks, or complete redesigns are required.

    So the rationale should be based largely on the results of this testing and research. Not so much on the initial first design attempts.

    • <duckseason
    • At some point, with experience, you can implement these on the first design attempt, but then you have to explain the decisions :)monospaced
    • Oh yeah? I have 20 years experience and I’m still surprised by tests.mort_
    • Who tests the tests thonb
    • the other flip side.. what square space / adobe muse bullshit made 'cool' to sell product.. can't forget that side as wellhydro74
    • https://www.usertest…sted
    • @hydro74 true man yeahmort_

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