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  • uan13

    Official results show that Exlterra’s revolutionary technology can neutralize radioactivity from Chernobyl:

    - Exlterra announced today that radioactive pollution in the soil and air decreased by an average of 37% and 46% respectively one year after the installation of the NSPS (Nucleus Separation Passive System) technology.

    - A total remediation of the area is thus seriously conceivable within four years thanks to this revolutionary technology, which is sustainable, without moving earth and without any chemicals.

    -This success opens up promising prospects, particularly for the treatment of radioactive waste, in the context of the current energy debate.…

    • We could witness the decontamination of Chernobyl in our life times. Maybe in the next 4 years!

      They are trying to work on the Fukushima plant also.
    • Interesting!Nairn
    • Very interesting. 'Underground Technology' is quite vague though. How the fuck does it work?Ianbolton
    • promising.utopian
    • they install plastic rods in a grid and it works by itself. they showed the rods at a press conference:…
    • the 'technology' is the form of the 3D printed plastic rods and the distances at which the grid is placed.uan
    • they didn't disclose the science on how it works, because it's their asset and they want to make money of it.uan
    • CEO said it would cost around 100Mio to decontaminate Chernobyl.…
    • Clearly not a Russian companyi_was
    • They do elsewhere - they emit positrons that speed up the decay of radioisotopes.Nairn
    • Actually, sorry, I read that elesewhere: https://www.dbusines…Nairn
    • CEO said the science behind it would be worth a nobel price for Andrew Niemczyk, the CTO of the company, because it was very 'deep' science.uan
    • He's clearly on the spectrum. 'Interesting' 'interview' with him down the page here.. https://detroitbookf…Nairn
    • here is how it works:…
    • My Gosh. That sounds like so much bullshit. I mean, who am I and wtf do I know? but.. that really does stink of pseudo science. I hope it actually works! :)Nairn
    • Same here Nairn. It sounds too good to be true...and on the other side of the spectrum I really hope someone throws those 100Mio at them and let them try.uan
    • If true, New of the century... Hope it's true!OBBTKN
    • "...details how Niemczyk used 100 percent of his brain’s capacity to develop technologies that safely clean radiation-scarred sites like Chernobyl"... red flag!Centigrade
    • Why doesn't he give it 110%?palimpsest
    • the next theranos in the pipleline,, and bitcoiners build a city in salvador on a vulcano... the bravado of pseudo..neverscared
    • exactly palimp ... make that shit 110% anti - radioactive...neverscared

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