I hate teamwork

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  • cannonball19781

    I totally get the benefits of working with teams etc. I get the thrill of working with a great team as well.

    But just stop for a minute and think about what you are sacrificing by cramming yourselves into your kanban boards, stand-ups, etc.

    The methods you take on are there to make you a frictionless component. Knowing how to take action and make things becomes your value. Even if you have your own vision—that is for someone else to put forth somewhere up the hierarchy.

    That's why I hate teamwork. 99% of the time it's synthetic and the output is not satisfying. The artistry is gone.

    • Like I said, seems like you haven't worked in the right team, thus your hate towards a broken collaboration systemgrafician
    • I'm open to being proved wrong, but m not going to go out of my way proving myself wrong. That's a Teamy-type's problem.cannonball1978

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