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    I'd advocate for off-board storage these days myself because realistically, if you're working with 8K video, you won't get it all on local storage anyway, and not for long term. You can get a TINY 2GB external SSD for under $200 now.

    • sure, but you want it to be portable...otherwise a mac mini or imac is good enough, specially if you wait out the updatesuan
    • they're like 1/3 the size of a phone, you could fit a handful of them in a single pocket, lolmonospaced
    • That's the size of a business card. Beyond portable. And let's face it, that's how the industry works now.monospaced
    • 2GB?!? ;)duckseason
    • Yes. Just an example. They come in larger sizes too :)monospaced
    • Probably meant a 2TB. My fusion drive in my iMac died and I got a 2TB external SSD to use as my main HD.noneck
    • yes, obviously I meant 2TB, I linked to it :)monospaced
    • anyway, it's half the price to use externals, and you can have multiple without much fuss at allmonospaced

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