Windows 11 impressions?

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  • jagara1

    God, here we go.

    As an ex Mac user who quit because I couldn't afford Apple products, sure, I miss certain aspects of MacOS. I'll even admit that It's more stable and more user friendly.

    But day-to-day, I don't think about it. Because the software that I use is the same. The EXACT same. Only difference: I use Ctrl instead of the Apple key now. That's it. Windows on high quality hardware works great.

    • ^pango
    • with Windows/Linux OS systems hardware is critical, just like user behavior since the OS allows a lot to alter software/hardware behavior.sted
    • With Apple product you get a closed system, where these things require a lot more expertise from the users end.sted
    • so what you're saying sted is that Mac OS is for smart people and the rest for dumb people rrrrright?grafician
    • but I would disagree - the fact is even children use Apple products lolgrafician
    • @jagara asking: so you afford high quality hardware for Windows but not affording a Mac?grafician
    • pretty sure children us win10, mOS, iOS, Android. not sure what the point is here.pango
    • @grafician yes. Because it's still a lot cheaper to buy a high end PC than a Mac.jagara
    • @pango "With Apple product you get a closed system, where these things require a lot more expertise from the users end.
    • Also, getting refurbished high end hardware makes it REALLY cheap.jagara
    • just sted trying to prove he's smart somehowgrafician
    • oh ok, i think he meant pro end build your own PC. which is true.pango
    • @sted here buddy Apple is not a closed system as you say:…grafician
    • Funny how people get so worked up and tribalistic about this. Use what you want.jagara
    • @jagara would you agree a new Apple M1 at $900 is faster than a PC over $1k?grafician
    • jagara nothing tribalistic about it, just trying to point out there is a better thingy than any windows system and confused people dismiss it
      yeah use whatever
    • Windows 11 trying to be Mac OS now,
      but also trying to Linux with a lot of open source...
      Oh boy get a grip Microshit
    • M1 chip is still new. Yes, that thing is stellar. Which is why I'm waiting for a PC with similar specs before i upgrade :)jagara
    • M1 chip is a few years old tech already
      Similar spec high-end PCs are actually pricier than Macs
      Compare Dells and HPs workstations to Macs

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