Windows 11 impressions?

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  • grafician-12

    • jagara
    • No really, how can anyone still use Windoz when there's Mac OS available?grafician
    • because Mac OS is tied to apple computer. and frankly, i dont see the appeal for apple computer anymore.pango
    • so you use a crappy OS and much inferior experience to get back at appple? hmmmgrafician
    • "much inferior experience":
      you vapid sandrat, crawl back to your jizzplastered cage and work on mastering your english reading comprehension skills.
    • the choice is great tech for price but shitty windows. or. Expensive tech for price and lovely mac osx. thought 10.14 was best.shapesalad
    • "much inferior experience" that's subjective. i've grown to dislike OS UI with their needless updates in the last year of me using applepango
    • i was using Win10 and mOS simultaneously. Win10 actually won me over.pango
    • @sted are you okay buddy? I write like that on purpose, but will do my best to make it very easy for you only nexy time mkay?grafician
    • "much inferior experience": do I still have to remind you guys you need to defrag your hard drive on Windoz?

    • Listen dimwitt. i don't mind that you're trying, maybe one day it will be entertaining, but until that: read and spend 5 mins to understand the topic subjectsted
    • If you understand the topic AND If you have something to contribute then spend a few mins drafting your post/note.sted
    • but if you have obsolete knowledge, or no knowledge at all on the subject do this in a non lecturing way, maybe with QUESTIONS.sted
    • anyhow go back to spectator mode because what you're doing here just pushes your reputation lower. And don't forget: everybody will see this, forever.sted
    • i have not defrag for 2 yrs now. still running strong. :/pango
    • soooo where's your contribution sted?grafician
    • also PSA. dont defrag SSD.pango
    • do you guys ever get tired of this fandom?pango
    • @pango can't even remember the last time i had to defrag a drive. Maybe in the pre SATA3 ages. And yeah SSD, NvMe has trimming, dumb to defragsted
    • @pango You see too how annoying it is that somebody comes here and starts arrogantly lecturing people, while being utterly stupid.sted
    • pretty sure Windoz auto defrags anyway since windows 8, but feel free to check on that lolgrafician
    • yes pango you do trim for ssd

      was just pointing out no mac user or linux user needed to defrag anything ever
    • discussing upgrading win 10 to win 11 is silly either way but hey it's a free forumgrafician
    • doesn't that mean "i" dont have to defrag? so what's the problem?pango
    • any actually criticism other than "i dont like it" ?pango
    • the criticism was that "much inferior experience" part and everybody knows that
      if you're just asking win 10 v win 11 = win 10 ofc
    • Defrag? I haven't defragged my drives since Windows XP :)jagara
    • again. "inferior experience" is subjective.
      i felt annoyed with the experience with apple, so i exclusively use Win10 at home now.
    • again. any actually criticism other than subjective preference "i dont like it" ?pango
    • lol think different pangografician
    • really? apple ad? how different is it really for most people other than exclusive software?pango
    • in the world where everyone uses apple, wouldnt use win be the one to "think different"pango
    • fuck them ads. use what's best for you and what you need. nothing wrong with either. I still use both. just prefer win at home.pango
    • Sure, I was just proposing to get the latest Mac OS instead of an upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11
      But everybody does as he pleases ofc
    • btw the first computer I used was an HC just to get an idea of my "obsolete knowledge"

    • I think windows 11 is a HUGE improvement over 10. So much UI improvement that was badly needed. Faster and easier on the eyes.monospaced
    • so you're proposing instead of not getting a free upgrade (which i'm not getting) i should shell out few Ks to buy another computer just so i can use mOS?pango
    • lolscanoe

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