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  • inteliboy2…

    New Apple silicone MBP's on the horizon. Been waiting for these for what seems like years.

    Rumours of Sd-card slot. HDMI. no fucking dongle life. No stupid Touch Bar. Though funny, I've only recently, after all these years, started using the Touch Bar to auto-fill web forms... I'll miss it, sorta.

    • never bought a first rev MBP before but here we fucking go... inevitable £3.5k down the shitter and weekly visits to the apple store await :Dkingsteven
    • It’s true that one thing Steve Jobs knew, if something is useful, just let people complain for years and years until they love itnb
    • My 2015 15inc MacBook Pro is on its last legs so I’m looking forward to this.Chimp
    • ^ so true. If Apple made one that vaguely resembled a real watch, I might have switched. The new Samsung will due nicely, thoughformed
    • (I love the Tag Heuer, but $1500 for a smart watch is stupid).

      Damn, where was the comment I was replying to?!
    • You don’t need to go to the Apple store every time something is wrong. Ffs.monospaced
    • every time my fans go brrr a genius gets his wingskingsteven
    • Years? They released their first ones last year.monospaced
    • First Touch Bar mpb came out 5 or so years ago, which is what I've got. M1 were just rehoused in that model. So yeah, years.inteliboy
    • Right. The M1 barely came out last year. You’ve been waiting a year for the next Apple silicon.monospaced
    • even if you don't accept the reasoning that the last 16" MBP revision was 2 years ago 'what seems like years' means that it seems longer than it has been.kingsteven
    • lolmonospaced

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