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  • renderedred2

    dr. mono and dr. grafician with their immense medical knowledge.

    • trumped by your passing conversation with a single doctor and nurse of coursemonospaced
    • of course your deep and serious conversation with your friends are much more professional. get ready for the nobel prize, it's coming.renderedred
    • you have me confused with someone elsemonospaced
    • you said you have higher medical knowledge than me or anybody else here, so yeah, you seem to aim high.renderedred
    • there is no credibility to anything except your opinion, so self assured, you do deserve a prize...renderedred
    • you are the conor mcgregor of the medicine field :)renderedred
    • I didn't say I had more knowledge than anyone here. I said I have more input from doctors than your anecdotes.monospaced
    • I happen to have a lot of knowledge because there are literally more than a dozen physicians in my immediate family. It's just what we talk about :)monospaced
    • If you're gonna act like the two medical staff you talked to is enough to draw a conclusion, then I can talk about the ones I talk to. Same logic. Understand?monospaced
    • I'm mostly trying to point out that searching for reasons that the majority of doctors on the planet are probably wrong on vaccine is probably the wrong pathmonospaced

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