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    Speaking of viruses and labs, this is a crazy story I never heard of...

    "The Complete Story of the Discovery and Reconstruction of the 1918 Pandemic Virus"…

    Apparently when the 1918 pandemic happened, science wasn't advanced enough at the time to explain what the virus that killed 50 million (or maybe 100 million) people actually was.

    Almost a century later scientists searched the ruins of a small Inuit village in Alaska that had been wiped out by the pandemic. They found a woman frozen under the ice who was killed back in 1918 and were able to extract the genetic material of the virus from her lungs.

    They then proceeded to reconstruct a live version of the previously extinct virus at a lab in New York City. They injected it into mice, chicken eggs and artificial human lung cells...and possibly it's still sitting in a freezer somewhere? But this is the only reason we know that it was H1N1 that caused the "Spanish Flu."

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