Fuck Canada (?)

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  • rzu-rzu1

    However silly the idea of fucking a country may sound, it might be an interesting one, if a bit difficult.

    I would recommend, thought, to begin with fucking something smaller than Canada first.

    For example Vatican is the smallest country in this world and (if my calculations are correct) it would take around 501811200 fuck sessions to fuck every square inch of it, given an average penis. Obviously I'm taking into account only the horizontal plane.

    It may prove difficult to fuck marble, concrete, stone etc. however in this case you could make a bit of a workaround using a priest (or bishop, or even pope) padding.

    Still, that is 501811200 fuck sessions. Canada is a fair bit bigger, and I am afraid it is simply not fuckable.

    I hope this helps :)

    PS. I was never good at math so my calculations may be off by a fair amount. I'm thinking you could stick more penises in Vatican than the aforementioned 501811200.

    • I would recommend, though*rzu-rzu
    • Brillianti_was
    • Can you calculate it for a small penis
    • sure, 752716800 :)rzu-rzu

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