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    Things are not getting better in Turkey.
    This new "UK variant" is spreading super fast, last 2 weeks several people that I closely know got sick and hospitalized.
    Two of them came back to their homes and had to go back to ICU couple of days later. One is in critical condition. These are youngish 35 to 45 year old people.
    Their families are devastated, not much information is given at the hospital. I lived through that fear last year with my father.
    I hope they get better.
    This shit is awful.

    • That's terrible, stay safe._niko
    • by official count, less than 10% of you guys had it, so you have a long way to recovery...pr2
    • And yet we've heard quite a few horrid tales from people on here, either affecting them directly or their family and friends.
      Keep up the good work, pr2.

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