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    Apple’s new invention could be a game-changer for the foldable iPhone.…

    • Now Apple is claiming they invented foldable phones, LOL.utopian
    • *obsessionmonospaced
    • I lost interest in the iPhone long agodbloc
    • No.grafician
    • Where and when did Apple claim they invented folding phones? Oh right, just your imagination.monospaced
    • In the 40pt. headline of the story.…
    • Sorry forgot that you had dyslexia.utopian
    • ooh they patented a hinge. this is dumbStoicLevels
    • didnt realise a headline = apple claiming stuff. it's just some random patent.inteliboy
    • Utopian = Innovation in Comments
    • Apple would love to patent breathing, walking, and blinking. Fuck those fucking cunts.babydick
    • "Now Apple is claiming they invented foldable phones" The words of someone who didn't even read the article they posted.Hayzilla
    • Apple will be late to the game, as usual, but with the endless fanboys it won't matter. Smart, from a business standpoint, less risk, etc.formed
    • Get's a big *YAWN* from me. This endless consumerism, with zero gain for anyone, is getting pretty tiring.formed
    • Literally, the first words of the article say apple didn’t make the claim. Literally. That is the start and finish of the article. That apple didn’t say anythinmonospaced
    • You are so damn obsessed it’s pathetic. You are also one of the biggest apple fanbois I’ve ever seen utopian.monospaced
    • Lol, late to the game? Is there some awesome folding phone game? Oh right, also exists in imaginations. They suck. It’s a shit game so far.monospaced
    • ^ Mono the legend telling it straight.Hayzilla

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