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    • Remember folks...murder ok but beastiality is a no no. Now eat your chicken!StoicLevels
    • ya im totally ok with killing a chicken instead of fucking a chicken.pango
    • Exactly.StoicLevels
    • Jesus... I bet your still waiting for Trump to be re-elected.necromation
    • Who are you referring to and what does this have to do with the orange one?StoicLevels
    • As a hypothesis on ethics I propose the following question to anyone reading this:StoicLevels
    • Would you rather be raped or killed and eaten?StoicLevels
    • I personally would rather be raped as I would be able to wake the next day, although traumatizedStoicLevels
    • so i propose that most living beings would prefer being raped to being killed and eaten. so the more grotesque action is devouring a living beingStoicLevels
    • Nahhh just kill me. And be done with it. Don't care what you do with my body after.pango
    • Spurious Correlations! both are fucking bad... All this trumpian cancel culture bullshit. i'm 47 this and even i though growing up thought peppy was super rapeynecromation
    • Such idiotic thinking, aren't we meant to progress as we go forwards?necromation
    • She gets what’s coming to her, though. She’s a villain and it’s obviousscarabin

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