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  • DaveO3

    Maybe I'm not a cinephile but love the Alien universe so much that I am into everything they've put out – even Resurrection. Prometheus was ace, Covenant was a rollercoaster – I'm in for all of it.

    I remember watching Aliens on VHS at my mates house when i was about 9, the curtains drawn and felt super exhilarated that I managed to get through it.

    The only other film that supersedes this in terms of shaping my cinematic world view was Mad Max 2....

    • Prometheus and Covenant were terrible.i_monk
    • I enjoyed Prometheus and Covenant. They were better than most cheesy sci-fi attemptsStoicLevels
    • I'll watch any new film in that universe, even if the stories are a bit wonky the visuals are so good. I wonder if it will end with Ridley?PhanLo
    • P + C were hardly 'terrible'. Pretty accomplished looking stuff to me.DaveO
    • Prometheus really sucks, Alien I is a masterpiece.i_was
    • Mad Max I and II, great movies, amazing action camerai_was
    • By making alien I and Blade Runner I, Ridley Scott can be considered a genius.i_was
    • P + C were actually very good in building the Alien Universe further. Waiting for a P director's cut with all the cut scenes includedgrafician
    • I'll watch any Terminator content as well. Marvel / Star Wars has lost me entirely.DaveO
    • Also I love it when people classify ALIEN as horror rather than sci fi!DaveO
    • I loved the alien where they were in the prison.monospaced
    • Last terminator was unwatchable for me. Didn't make it passed the first actStoicLevels
    • "I'll be back"i_was

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