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    • "Alien" now has been stretched so thin, convoluted & made up as it goes along, that they may as well have picked-up here and gone forward.Akagiyama
    • Like, the fucking Alien is eating a croissant then becomes half-Alien/half-croi... or something, terrorizing overpriced bakeries everywhere!Akagiyama
    • lol@ YT comment! ^^Akagiyama
    • @Akagiyama I liked that movie at the time. Think because I loved City of Lost Children, not sure I'd revisit it now though.PhanLo
    • Happy to watch endless documentaries about the first two, but it's been milked to death as a franchise.PhanLo
    • I didn't mind Alien Resurrection at the time because it was so weird and different and I was younger. Looking at it now..ah well.Akagiyama

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