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  • Bluejam8

    'Dare mighty things': hidden message found on Nasa Mars rover parachuteā€¦

    • ha! I was *literally* just rewatching the footage and wondering at the logic of the coloured panels - I figured it was so they could track things post hocNairn
    • WTF?Ianbolton
    • @nairn Ya, I was thinking the same, some kind of tracking thingGnash
    • and why not? quite right that the superboffins plant an easter egg or twohans_glib
    • lolsted
    • I wondered what the pattern meant when I watched it too. I thought maybe it was to tell it it was folded right.fooler
    • "The hidden secret message"...accidenta... leaked to the media.utopian
    • but it's complete bullshit, why did they omit all the outer rings, and select inner rings? they saw dare mighty things on the wall and jammed a square peg into_niko
    • a circle to sort of make it work_niko
    • ok wait, i see it reads in sequence like a spiral, starting from the inside out, nevermind :)_niko
    • how much to place an ad on the next one?uan
    • "Hi Mom"ok_not_ok
    • I must've watched this descent video like five times today. Well done, America.Nairn
    • nerdsdbloc

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