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  • mg331

    Would any of you ever go with a single 32" monitor over two 27" monitors?

    • I find anything above 27" tough on the eyes for some reason. 32" doesn't seem like to far of a stretch, though.

      Which are you looking at @mg33?
    • this s relevant to my interests. similar to: would anyone go with one 27" instead of two 24"oey_oey
    • On Mac, don't folks use "virtual" desktops and move between them instead of physical displays?ideaist
    • Yes, but I hate dual monitors.section_014
    • @ideaist, you can have several desktops to swipe between, and you can do it on any of the physical displays that are typically connected.monospaced
    • I hope you weren't implying Macs don't support multiple external displays. lulzmonospaced
    • @monospaced Haha, no!

      I know some folks need their 2nd/3rd/etc. monitors, BUT I've found simply swiping between the "virtual" desktops on a single monitor...
    • ...Works a charm!


      : )
    • AND using a tool like https://www.irradiat… to further divide said spaces into halves, quarters, etc.

      OCD satisfied.
    • I do it too. I have one monitor that has my Creative apps. The other one has "work" admin apps, and each one I can swipe between apps. It's like 6 desktops.monospaced
    • @monospaced I don't care what anyone else says abut you brother; I knew you were a class act!

      ; )
    • i'm testing this right now with a 34" LG, replaced 2 of the nicest 27" dell ones.
      they got this desktop app what lets you split the screen to 2-8 desktops
    • forgot to hit save after the second note.sted
    • so it has this support app what lets you split the desktop into 2-8 areas and everything will snap into those boundaries, plus proper picture-in-picture.sted
    • I just bought this 32 LG…

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