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  • faxion8

    Concept I have created for a small micro brewery here in rural Yorkshire

    Constructive criticism QBN please

    • Circle in centre of bottle is their actual locationfaxion
    • I like the design. Have you tried the circle with a fill? I had to look for it even after you mentioned it.palimpsest
    • As a beer drinker: Though it looks respectable this isn't something that I would pick are the beer shop. I think it lacks character or a story.palimpsest
    • I looks nice, but I'd be worried about shelf visibility, if I'm honest. Not much going on here by way of contrast or highlight.Continuity
    • Looks great. Wood.jtb26
    • I want blonde to match height so it looks cool in the bottle shop cooler. Could you get away with BLND? Maybe that sucks.jtb26
    • For me the 'Stod Fold' feels like an old train station sign. But then the Gold type face feels like Impact. Not feeling a match between the two styles.shapesalad
    • Personally don't like how the 'GOLD' type sits on the solid band below it. That feels like a 2d imagine of land with upright 'trees' seen from straight on viewshapesalad
    • Yet the topology map is seen from above. So there's a disconnect, like two ideas in one.shapesalad
    • I think the topology map is good, and I'd have work the typography and branding out from that, so they all feel part of one image / story.shapesalad
    • *workedshapesalad
    • in a pub, next to Marstons, I'd go for Marstons as it looks less like an old man drink https://www.marstons…shapesalad
    • It looks like a beer for graphic designers.StoicLevels
    • I like it faxion. And I really like jtb26's idea of using BLND to match the other labels.utopian
    • Ha best comment yet StoicLevels
      cheers fellas
    • the dark fella seems a lot too dark.. mockups look like they could be done better.. not sure if the BLONDIE should be a smaller size..brt44
    • but still +brt44
    • very kewlneverscared
    • i am not sure about the bit too feminine bottle form. solid design +1api
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